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7 Key Things on Your Plot Purchase Checklist

The Indian market continues to back the value of plot purchases. These investments have better returns, come at lower costs, and provide higher value for money. This quality is the reason that properties for sale in Pune and every other major city are seeing a massive spike.

Here are seven parameters that will help you narrow down the perfect plot:

1. Return on Investment

Land is considered a tangible asset: it is given the same monetary significance as stocks, equity, or gold. As such, evaluating the ROI of your plot is necessary to ensure that you’re getting the most value out of your hard-earned money.

Plots are a gold mine for investments if bought in the right area. An empty plot in a prime location is a blank slate that can be tailor-made into the user’s dream home.

2. Verifications

The quintessential factors to keep in mind when investing in villa properties for sale is documentation. Verification documents are those that ensure the legality of your purchase. A Clear title certificate and NA Order are some of the crucial documents. If you were to buy the plot on a re-sale, then the release certificate is also vital. Many buyers also run ‘title verification’ from lawyers for additional security.


3. Affordability

When you notice an ad about properties for sale in Pune, the first impression is that lands could be substantially expensive. Well, this is a vivid myth blinding many. A piece of land is considerably cheaper than a housing property. The buyer can also get immediate possession since there is no wait time in the construction.

The India Real Estate 2019 report by Knight Frank India states that over 61% of new projects in India have been in the affordable housing segment.

4. Approvals

Like verification documents, the other set of records that the buyer must verify are approvals. Sanctioned layout, commencement certificate, and completion certificate are some of the approvals from the city development corporations and a valid RERA Registration

5. Amenities

A gated community in Pune and other major cities are an excellent option for your investments. These are wholesome neighborhoods that offer more than just a piece of land; they sell amenities that enhance the quality of living. These can be clubhouses, pools, exercise tracks, parking, open spaces, and much more.

6. Loan Affiliations

Most NA plots sold in metropolitan cities come with loan affiliation with nationalized banks and private banks. These are banks that have scrutinized the land and its permissions. Once they guarantee that all the documents are in order, they sanction loans.

Banks only back bulletproof properties, and having the seal of approval from these banks is an excellent way to gauge authenticity and seek quality loans.

7. Resource Availability

Lastly, you should ensure that the property has access to all the resources for quality living. These include basics like water supply, uninterrupted electricity, access road, availability of medical facilities, etc.

In Conclusion

The best way to ensure perfect quality, both with amenities and legality, is by finding reliable projects. Close to 62% of buyers prefer to pay high-end developers with lower execution risks.

If you are looking at land for investment in Pune, 46 Banyan Tree is an excellent option. They have best-in-class facilities and strategically planned housing plots; all this in a pristine gated community.

The pandemic is the right time to buy a plot, be it to build your home or to double your investments.