Why investing in a villa plot is the right move for you right now in this Pandemic?

2020 and COVID-19 has really put a spanner in a lot of your home investment plans, but you still need to prepare for your ideal villa life!.

Luckily, there’s still a silver lining 15 Mins from Hinjewadi, Pune – The Hub for IT & Industrial Growth. In fact, this is the best time for you to invest in villa properties for sale in Pune.

The Week predicts an unprecedented advantage for buyers to negotiate good deals on ready-to-move-in options. Into the bargain, the Reserve Bank of India comes to your aid by slashing its policy repo rate.

Here’s our take on why this is the right move for you and your family right now!.

Villa Plot in Pune

Benefits of Investing in a Villa Plot in Pune During COVID-19

1. Lowest Lending Rates
Yup that’s right, the RBI has slashed its repo-rate and stands at 4.4% at the moment. This, in turn, is going to bring down the home loan interest rates. So, if you have sufficient liquidity to invest, this indeed is the perfect time to buy property in Pune and get your villa plot loan approval before things get back to normal.

2. Savvy Deals For Your Benefit
During these times, property agents and builders have ready possession inventory with deals that are a delight for  any plot and property buyer.

Flexible offers are on hand in Pune for resort like villa plots in secure gated communities  with a host of amenities, Banyan Tree Realty is a great option. Contact the office for a video walk-through, and get your best quote offer to start planning for next dream move!

3. Demand-Supply Disruption
The lockdown has hampered construction activities. So, even when the industry tries to resume, the supply will be slow to catch up. Automatically then, Pune plot prices would shoot up, post lockdown. Economics 101.

What does that hold for you? For the same villa plots for sale during the lockdown, you would be paying extra post-lockdown. A situation no aspiring home owner would want to be in.

‘Plotting’ Your Next Move

‘Plotting’ Your Next Move

Simple but relevant reasons have been a drawing factor since the lockdown and this is the best time to look at land for investment in Pune. Explore Banyan Tree Realty’s latest luxury housing project: Banyan Tree Realty They have 3.5 acres of well-planned villa plots. The site is in the extension of Hinjewadi, connected closely to the city, and other facilities. 

Here are the project’s top highlights:

  • 1.5 Plot FSI
  • Over 3.5 acres of lushly open landscape
  • 10,000 square feet clubhouse with swimming pool
  • 3 km walking-jogging track
  • Business lounge
  • Sustainable groundwater recharge
  • Electricity connection, internal concrete roads, and LED streetlights provided to all villa plots

Make your dream a reality today! Get in touch with Banyan Tree Realty and invest in a majestic gated community in Pune at the best prices!