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6 Common Landscaping Mistakes to Avoid in Your Villa Plot

Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”. Landscaping takes gardening to the next level, giving any space more character and making tomorrow more exciting. When doing any kind of intensive landscaping work, it is advisable to avoid some common mistakes every aspiring villa plot owner forgets!

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1. Planting Sans Any Research

Many villas in Hinjewadi & Villa Plot come with well-planned, well-researched gardens. However, amateur gardeners often tend to grow plants without doing enough research.

If this is the case, you may end up planting seeds in the wrong season or ones that are not conducive to the weather conditions. It’s also important to have plants that grow well together in harmony and do not impede each other’s growth.

2. Not Planting Trees First

If you are growing your garden from scratch, it’s a good idea to first plant trees as they create a foundation for your landscaping project. This is also the case if you are bringing in full-grown trees, as they create a framework for the rest of the look and feel of the garden space.

3. Planting Too Close to Functional Areas

Many villa plot in Pune tends to come with decks, patios, and pool. Planting too close to these functional areas might weaken the foundation they are built on.

So ensure there is enough spacing between the garden and these areas when you plant trees, hedges, and shrubs. Veteran property developers such as Banyan Tree Realty use well-defined boundaries for their residential plots in Pune.

This is a cardinal rule to ensure that landscaping is carried out with safety as a core tenet.

4. Forgetting to Plan Irrigation

Ensuring that your garden receives enough water and at the right intervals is important if you want plants and trees to thrive.

Plan irrigation based on the needs of various vegetation. It could be through sprinklers and contemporary methods such as drip irrigation.

Water pits are also a great asset, as they add aesthetic appeal and provide a continuous supply of clean water while also conserving it.

5. Not Preparing for Soil Erosion

In rainy or windy weather, it is easy for soil to be eroded and the plant areas destroyed.

For example, if you are doing strategic landscaping at residential villa plots in Pune that are exposed to rainfall, you can build with retention walls.

You can also add proper spacing between plants and use pavers, flagstones, and bricks that soak up water to prevent erosion.

6. Not Regularly Trimming Hedges

It seems like such an obvious practice, yet many owners forget to have their hedges trimmed on a regular basis. This activity helps to keep the growth of weeds in check.

Not trimming it for long periods of time can also lead to some occupational hazards. Trimming every two months is a good frequency.

The Takeaway

Your dream home today is a much more affordable proposition, especially as more banks went on to slash their interest rates for home loans.

Several residential villa plots in Pune come with enough space to have your own stunning landscaped garden. Some of the flora that thrives here include the golden flower tree, frangipani, the plumeria, and bougainvillea.

A well-kept garden may also attract rare butterflies found in the western ghats only!

Banyan Tree Realty offers flexible deals for villa plots in Pune, located in safe, secure gated communities surrounded by greenery. This is a great time to take that first step towards owning your own home and check out the plots for sale in Pune.