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Gated Community Villa Plots: 7 Lifestyle Advantages You Can’t Overlook

You have probably heard of gated communities before, but you might be wondering what exactly they are. Gated communities are a type of residential community guarded by a gate, and often, it is manned by security guards. These communities have become especially popular in the last couple of decades. The question is, why should you choose to invest in a gated community plot while looking for a property?

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Many lifestyle benefits come with gated community villas. This becomes especially true when you have a family you want to protect. However, it can get overwhelming with many lifestyle spaces to choose from. That’s why we’re here to ensure that you end up with the most appropriate options according to your needs. Read on to know how living in a gated community will help you thrive.

Unparalleled Security 

The number one advantage of living in gated community development is the security it has to offer. They are monitored manually by guards, installed CCTV cameras, or both. This reduces the risks of criminal activities if not deterring them altogether. And, well, you can go to bed without worry, feeling safe and protected at all times.  

Plethora of amenities

Many gated communities have an array of amenities for their residents. These may include a gym, swimming pool, indoor sports, clubhouse, community hall, etc. However, not all gated communities have each of these amenities. You should invest in a development that suits your lifestyle. 46 Banyan Tree is a community of bungalow plots in Pune that offers leisure and sports facilities. The 46 acres secured gated community paves the way for you to stay fit and have a holistic lifestyle. 

A place for community living

A gated community gives you the seamless experience of associating with like-minded individuals. You get a chance to grow your social circle owing to all residents’ amenities. The older members of your family get an opportunity to be active socially within your neighborhood.


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Safe for children

Maximum security and traffic-free living ensure the safety of the young ones. Gated communities are the preferred housing type to ensure your child’s safety and social development. Furthermore, most of them provide large open spaces and play areas for your child to have a fun time.

Optimal privacy

With secured entry and exit points, no unwanted people enter the community. You can enjoy a quieter and more peaceful life with the least possible interruption. An independent villa gives you the space and privacy to do everything you love without interference. Moreover, all amenities are exclusive to the residents.

Traffic-free zone

The only traffic inside the community is that of the residents and guests. You can enjoy walks in quiet surroundings away from the commotion of city life. You get the space to have an enjoyable time with your children or pets without having to worry about the traffic or the noise.




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Peaceful & eco-friendly living

Gated community villas allow you to step away from the chaos of urban living. You can breathe freely amongst landscaped gardens and large open spaces. Besides, many communities nowadays have green features that aim for an environment-friendly lifestyle.

Enhance your lifestyle

This blog looked at the lifestyle advantages of living in gated community villas and how they elevate your standard of living. In addition to these, you must note that villa plots within a gated community are ideal for long-term investment. Most people argue that gated communities have a higher cost of living, but so is the appreciation in property value. Even if you aren’t planning to live there, you must note that they have a better rental yield. 

If you are looking for land in Pune for investment to build your new abode, especially if you are a family, you must consider 46 Banyan Tree, a collection of gated community residential plots for sale near Pune. Make the most of every day away from the hustle and bustle of the big city with NA villa plots in Pune at our 46 acres secured gated community near Hinjewadi.

Invest in your little piece of paradise and build your bespoke dream villa at 46 Banyan Tree. Get in touch with us to know more.