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A handy vastu guide for irregularly shaped plots

Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of construction and architecture. It is a collection of building elements that constitute design, layout, arrangement and spatial geography. In present times Vastu Shastra plays a vital role in choosing a plot. A lot of our customers are firm believers in Vastu and Feng shui. And this article is for them who wish to buy residential plots in Pune. We at 46 Banyan tree have various options available. But let us first consider what you should keep in mind before investing in residential NA plots in Pune.

Vastu shastra divides each space into eight directions, four cardinal and four ordinal directions. Each of these zones represents a specific element in our lives. Hence it is imperative to choose a plot with all these zones intact. Therefore Vastu shastra recommends having a regular and even property. Not only this, but the land is the foundation of energy that impacts the constructed structure. Location, soil type, surroundings, wind, water bodies and sunlight are a few factors that affect the character of life in a house built there. 

guide for irregularly shaped plots

Here are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind-

  • Vastu suggests that the plot should be consistent in shape and have equal sides and angles.
  • Plots with uneven or unbalanced slopes are considered to be irregular too. If the plots are irregular, the scattered magnetic forces have poor energies. This also might result in misery, loss of money and sadness.
  • Suitable shapes in Vastu shastra are square and rectangular; such plots bless the owner with good fortune and happiness. 
  • The ground level in the west and south should be elevated in the north and east, according to Vastu shastra. It should also be higher in the north and east and lowest in the northeast corners. 
  • A plot with low northeast guarantees health, wealth and prosperity. It will be better if the land has a slope in the east or north. One must also refrain from buying a property with a south or southwest slope as they can cause losses.
  • Land which is high in the middle and lower on the sides is considered excellent. Whereas plots height on the northeast and southwest sides is considered like demons back which can result in loss of money.

Now that we know what is considered auspicious and what is not, we can still rectify the problems. If you wish to buy a residential NA plot in Hinjewadi, here are some tips to help you solve the Vastu Doshas. 

  • It is an excellent idea to level the plot to solve problems. The earth from the northeast corner can fill in the gaps in the south and west if it is higher than the other sides.
  • Dumping and excavating the earth to the southwest can level a plot raised in the centre.
  • The negative impact of a plot shaped like ‘L’ or ‘T’ or with crossing points of a triangle can be minimised by dividing it into two. Make two standard plots out of an irregularly shaped plot, each with its compound walls.
  1. Levelling the plot – You can use the soil from the northeast corner to fill the gaps in the south and west if it is higher than on other sides.
  2. Dividing the plot into two- You can balance the negative impact of ‘L’ and ‘T’ shaped plots by making two plots. 
  3. You can grow plants and trees near the entrance to reduce the negative energies if the plot faces the plot. 
  4. If there are defects in the direction, metals, rocks, or plants can help correct the problem. 
  5. One can also use Vastu Pyramids based on expert advice to rectify the doshas. 


There are numerous benefits of Vaastu Shastra as it establishes a connection between the physical environment and the quality of life. A lot of modern-day architects are adapting this practice in their designs. Now that we know why and how Vastu Shastra is essential, you can check out our NA Villa plots in Pune at 46 Banyan Tree. Contact us to schedule an appointment.