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Building a Safe Home for the Elderly – 5 Important Factors to Consider


Designing and building a home that focuses on safety, functionality and aesthetics requires consideration. If you have elderly people in the family, then it becomes even more important to have a place that is both safe and comfortable. Building your own independent villa on well-sized villa plots like the ones you find at 46 Banyan Tree gives you the freedom to build a home according to your own specific requirements. Besides, 46 Banyan Tree being a gated community well equipped with safety features like CCTV cameras, also adds that extra layer of security in the community. Once you choose to go for an independent villa, let’s explore how you can build a home that takes complete care of the safety needs of the senior members of your family. Here are 5 valuable recommendations. 

Here’s How You Can Build a Safe Independent Villa for the Elderly 
1. Flooring 
Start with the right architectural choices to establish a solid foundation. Shiny tiles and glossy ceramics may appeal to younger customers but can pose a challenge for seniors. To reduce the danger of accidents, it is recommended to use slip-resistant materials such as terracotta tiles, mosaics, etc. If the first option isn’t feasible, another low-cost solution is to use rugs and carpets with anti-slip underlays.
2. Advanced Safety Features
You may improve the safety of your villa by installing advanced security technologies. For better stability, install handrails in hallways and grab bars in bathrooms. Consider purchasing a comprehensive alarm system that can handle medical and additional emergencies. You can prevent night time incidents by installing motion sensor lights over stairwells and hallways. These features will give both residents and their families peace of mind.
3. Accessible Entrance 
Ensure a safe entrance for elders by placing ramps with gentle slopes instead of stairs. It is recommended to install wide doorways – more space within the entrance makes it convenient for seniors in general and also provides easy accessibility for individuals with mobility limitations.
 Landscaping and Outdoors
 4. Landscaping & Outdoors
The outdoor area of the villa should be as safe as the indoors. To create a safer space, you can have well-lit pathways made of non-slip materials. To add comfort, you can place chairs or couches. Additionally, for senior citizens, who are fond of gardening, you can have higher plant beds to minimize the need for excessive bending.
5. Storage Solutions
Home storage areas are meant for everyone. However, you should keep in mind the needs of the seniors while organizing the space. For their convenience, you can incorporate lower-height shelves, pull-out drawers or adjustable shelves to prevent excessive stretching and risk of hazards. Pro-tip: Make sure to have clear pathways within the storage areas to walk safely, allow easy movement and prevent the potential risk of tripping.
When it comes to ensuring the quality and safety of amenities, selecting projects plays an important role. In Pune, the renowned 46 Banyan Tree stands out as the best choice. This exclusive community offers plots accompanied by top-notch safety features. The emphasis on access to architecture, modern safety measures, amenities for the elderly, outdoor convenience and proximity to medical assistance make it an ideal sanctuary for the elderly. For those searching for secure homes, 46 Banyan Tree is surely the destination for you and your loved ones.