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Factors You Need To Consider Before Landscaping Your Residential Plot

Landscaping in India has gained prominence in the last few years. More and more people in their residential plot are taking up gardening as a pastime, most likely because they understand the relevance of protecting the ecosystem. 

Besides, the over-indulgence in designing the interiors to represent one’s personality has now extended to the outdoors. Today, people take pride in creating specialized spaces outdoors where they can entertain their friends and families or simply unwind.

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As flats and apartments often fall short on space for sustainable landscaping, there’s now an uptick in the residential plot in Pune that allows you to stay close to nature and add some aesthetic appeal to your living space.

Yet, homeowners must keep a few essential points in mind before landscaping their property.

1. Soil

When scouting residential plots for sale in Pune, pay close attention to the quality and kind of soil to avoid major landscaping challenges.

This factor will affect your plant selection – be it the type of flowering plants you pick to decorate the lawn or vegetables and fruits if you’re more interested in growing your own organic food.

2. Microclimate

For plants, trees, and shrubs to grow well, it’s crucial to look at the length of sunshine and shade received. Partial sunlight is not suitable for many outdoor plants and might end up being detrimental to a thriving garden.

Still, luxury villa plots in Pune come with plenty of sunshine to keep your plants healthy and happy.

3. Theme

Consider the theme of the garden and how to blend it with the overall look of the house. It’s worth planning out the visual elements you’d like to incorporate in the place, such as statues, furniture, garden ornaments, etc. 

Adding a pond or mini-waterfall in a corner of the landscaped area or a swing set overlooking the yard are some ideas that can instantly transform the space.

4. Maintenance

While putting in some plants and shrubs can breathe some new life into your property, it’s far from a low-maintenance task. As a home gardener, you have to take care of quite a few factors: from pest management and water irrigation to trimming the grass and pulling out unwanted weeds. Therefore, it’s wise to consider the amount of time you can devote to maintaining the landscaped area.

In Closing

Residential villa plots in Pune are distinguished by their earthy landscapes and varied ecology, making it one of the more ideal locations for residents wanting to fulfill their landscaping needs. Banyan Tree Realty offers proximity to a lush, green space with manicured gardens in villas in Hinjewadi, Pune.