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How Does Long-Term Land Valuation Take Place in India?

The coronavirus has disrupted the real estate sector, but property prices are not likely to fall in the future. In Land valuation, Pune has shown a 2% rise in prices from September 2019 to September 2020.

As a prudent buyer looking into plots for sale in Pune, understanding the land appraisal or land valuation process provides you with the best long-term returns. Consider these factors to determine the value of a property:

Land Valuation | 46Banyantree

Land Features

The price of bungalow plots in Pune will depend on the location, water availability, topography, sewer lines, and more. You can expect greater investment returns by purchasing homes with a view and lots of outdoor space.

The better the quality of the land, the higher the price of land. A construction-friendly topography will involve lower construction and development costs, thus adding value to the property.

Proximity to Amenities

Easy access to facilities can affect a property’s overall value. Proximity to schools, hospitals, entertainment centres, and work hubs is basically a requirement for every homeowner. Thus, travelling too far for these amenities can hurt property value.

Access to Commercial Activities

Land prices in metropolitan cities will be higher compared to villa plots for sale in tier-2 cities. Moreover, the property will be worth a little more as you move to the centre of the city. All the major banks and companies have their head offices in the Central Business District, making it an expensive yet desirable area.

If you prefer more affordable land for investment in Pune, consider Hinjewadi, a rapidly growing IT hub that’s only 6 kilometres from Pune.

Land Valuation | 46Banyantree

Land Usage

Land usage also plays into the appraisal of plot prices in Pune. Two pieces of land having the same area could be wildly different in value if one is used for a single purpose and the other for mixed-use.

In mixed-use development, commercial and residential property coexist. Mixed-use land commands a higher premium since you get higher long-term returns.

Land and Property Records

Land that has verifiable records of past ownership will be more expensive than land without a clear title. With proper records, the chances of future disputes are minimized, so it’s wise to do your own due diligence before purchasing villa properties for sale.

Regulations and By-Laws 

Regulations regarding land use, floor area ratio, etc. can influence the plot’s appraisal value. With these development restrictions in place, the land available for residential use is limited, driving the property’s price and demand.

Land the Best Deals

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