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Is It a Good Time to Invest in Residential plots in Pune?

The real estate industry, including residential plots in Pune, has always been in high demand. It is always considered the best city for plot investment as these properties provide value for money. Moreover, Pune has a great deal of public infrastructure and conveyance facilities throughout the city.

Considering the points mentioned above, it’s evident that this is the perfect time for you to invest in a villa, gated community, or residential plots in Pune

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How Will the Current Investment in Pune Property Profit You? 

The Pune market is gaining weight at an increasing rate. The plots in Pune are being sold out to investors who are likely to utilize them for commercial or residential purposes. Considering the gradual rise of rentals in Pune, it is safe to assume that investors will get sizeable returns from their property. Also, the capability of homebuyers has increased for investing in bungalow plots in Pune. Some other advantages for investment here are:

  • The current repo rate of 4% by RBI is at its lowest compared to the last five years. Consequently, banks have decreased their home loan interest rates. Homebuyers are now capable of grabbing loans between 6.85%- 9.85% interest rates. So, you can easily buy residential plots in Pune for commercial as well as personal use. 
  • Home loan repayment for homebuyers qualifies for tax deductions. The interest paid up to INR 2, 00, 000 per year is competent for tax deductions under Income Tax Act 1961. Up to INR 1, 50, 000 is deductible against principal repayment under Section 80C. Therefore, it will be wise to invest in residential N/A plots in Pune. 
  • The GST has been reduced to 1% for under-construction projects. But investing in the already constructed property will still cost you 5% GST. So, take up the plots for sale in Hinjewadi or Pune as soon as possible. 

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Have Property Tariffs in Pune Surged in 2021? 

The average market price in Pune is showing an increase. It rose because of new project launches in central locations and not for any change in the market value. The safeguarded gated community residential plots for sale in Pune are newly developed ones with multiple benefits. Anyway, home affordability is undoubtedly suited to your purpose, making it the best time for buying villas in Hinjewadi Pune and land for investment in Pune

Act Before It Is Too Late!

If you’re interested in investing in residential plots in Pune, this is the correct period. The current repo rates, GST, tax deductions, etc., make the time more lucrative for you to invest. 46 Banyan Tree is delivering value-for-money deals in villa plots and gated plots in Pune. Without wasting a single moment, give yourself a chance to discover the utopia of happiness on Earth.