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Looking beyond profits – Real-life benefits of owning a villa plot

One fine day, the thought of buying a plot of land crosses your mind. You consider your budget. You read up on the pros and cons. You discuss the odds with your friends and family. You take into account the expected ROI. Well… you consider almost every possible logical reason for buying, or for that matter, not buying a villa plot. 

But is that all there is, to this purchase? If you are buying it exclusively as an investment, with the only expectation of getting good returns in terms of money, then maybe yes! You can consider it in terms of profit and loss and come to a decision. It’s highly probable that you will decide to buy. But there is a slim chance that this is the only reason behind your purchase.  

More often than not, people buy a villa plot with a lot of aspirations, hopes, and dreams. Yes, that’s important too. If life was only about profits and losses, we all would be doing one and only one thing. Business. Pure, unadulterated business! But thank heavens, that’s not the case. Life is a lot more! It is a string of moments, full of multiple emotions, each having its own color. So how does your decision of buying a villa plot affect this aspect of your life? Let’s take a look.


NA Villa plot

A villa is not just a home. It’s a piece of earth and a piece of sky, all yours to enjoy! 

Yes, you can dig into the mud and plant a sapling. See it grow into a tree and become a home to your feathery friends. You will never need an alarm as every morning will rise with their happy chirping. Spend lazy afternoons reading quietly on the porch and wait for the evening twilight to spread on your roof. Gaze at the constellations of stars and enjoy the beauty of the night, right till the time sleep ushers you into the world of dreams. 

Living in a villa on your own plot of land is all that and a lot more. Offering you a close connection with nature, unleashing your happy thoughts. A journey of a fulfilling life.

your home

A villa is not another block of livable space. It’s a statement of your own lifestyle. 

It is another level of luxury, to have all the freedom to build your home, just the way you want. What is it that matters most to you? Do you prefer a mostly undisturbed, solitary life? Or do you entertain a lot and love all the hullabaloo of friends and family? Are you an avid reader or a pet lover or an art collector or totally something else that we perhaps don’t even know of? A landed house offers you all the space and freedom to be your true self. 

These are just a few aspects to mention, and we can go on and on. But well… to speak the truth… a short blog is not a villa that gives us all that freedom! Hope you got the point. So go ahead, trust your gut, make that decision and take a plunge to own the life you deserve. And if you will, give our team at 46 Banyan Tree a chance to help you own your dreams.