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Planning to Purchase A plot in Pune and Construct Your Dream Home? Why 2021 Is a Good Time to Begin

If you seek land for investment or plot in Pune, you may be unsure if it is the right time to make any purchases. After all, 2020 was an unexpected year, and many people are still reeling from its effects.

However, 2021 brings new hopes and a chance to start fresh and anew. And there’s no better time to find land for investment or buy a plot! We are going to review the top 4 reasons why purchasing a plot in Pune-Mumbai can be your best investment in 2021.

  1. Better Deals on Luxury Properties

The demand for property is expected to decrease by nearly 40% in FY2021. Hence, you can find plots in Pune or property in Mumbai with lucrative deals. Most builders are providing up to an effective 10% lower prices than their market value at the beginning of 2021.

  1. Best Interest Rates

Home loan rates have fallen to historic lows due to the pandemic. In order to boost economic recovery, the RBI has kept the rates steady. At this point, the rates are not going to decline any further, making it the most opportune time to get your own home with a bank-approved plot in Pune.

  1. Stable Asset

When you buy a property, it is a stable asset. While there were initial fluctuations in 2020 when the stock market bottomed, the real estate sector is now bouncing back. Moreover, there is an increase in the demand for plotted projects. Thus, 2021 is the year of smart investments in gated community plots in Pune that double your wealth and elevate your lifestyle.

  1.  Better Developers 

The number of developers has gradually decreased over the past two years – from over 40,000 developers to just 5,000. Most developers are focusing on end-user experience in 2021 and employing better technology like automation. The year also marks a focus on better services, leading to improved features of luxury villas and adding weight to your investment.


If you want to build your dream home, 2021 is the right year. In addition to numerous benefits and advancements in home building and integration technologies, it is easier than ever to secure your spot and buy plots in Mumbai or Pune.  Don’t let this remarkable opportunity pass you by, and invest in luxury residential plots in Hinjewadi at Banyan Tree today!