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Build a sustainable house in your villa plot

How can you contribute to cleaner and greener earth?

How can you reduce the environmental impact? 

How can you respect the limited natural resources?

How can you leave the world as a liveable place for posterity? 


Sustainability is the only answer to all these questions. And let us point out right in the beginning that sustainability is not the future; it’s the need of the present hour. Earth is our only home, and we must ensure that it remains a liveable place. That is why sustainability should begin at every house. 


Sustainable homes make the least negative environmental impact. They are good for the planet and suitable for the people. Surprisingly, they also lead to cost savings in multiple ways. So how can you build a sustainable house? If sustainable living is on your mind, start your journey by looking at this article. Here are a few characteristics of a sustainable home.

  • Energy efficiency 

A house can be made energy-efficient through the maximum use of solar energy. In a country like India, where we receive abundant sunlight throughout the year, optimum use of this clean and renewable energy source can save costs and result in reduced environmental impact. The overall power usage consists of only 2% of solar power. So this eco-friendly and cost-effective way of power generation has great potential in future. 


The house should also be designed in a way to make maximum use of daylight and allow efficient ventilation. This can help in reducing the power usage for lighting and air conditioning.

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  • Water efficiency 
Water efficiency is one of the most predominant features of sustainable living, and it can be achieved through rainwater harvesting. Roof gutters and downspouts should be connected directly to the tank for water preservation. Generally, rainwater is used for toilets, gardening and irrigation. Depending on your locality, rainwater can also be used as drinking water if you can purify and filter it out.  You can also consider installing water-efficient fixtures like dual flush tanks in toilets and low-flow shower heads and faucets. Though water usage for residential purposes is quite unavoidable, these ways can significantly reduce the water we use. 
  • Recycled materials
After buying an NA villa plot the house construction should consider the existing flora and fauna in the locality. You should make use of the maximum recycled materials to emphasise the sustainable housing concept. The top green materials are recycled metal, stone, bamboo, certified third-party forest wood, straw and many more
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  • Efficient waste management
Sustainable or eco-friendly housing comes with an environmentally responsible and resource-efficient process from planning to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition. All kinds of waste generated during construction are recycled and composted for reuse. The wastewater can also be reused on the construction site to reduce the carbon footprint.  Even after house construction, sustainable living involves efficient waste management systems to separate wet and dry garbage, lessening the negative impact on the environment.  
  • Green surroundings
Living in a lush green area allows you to enjoy a healthy life free from pollution. Greenery in the form of roadside plantations, parks, lakes and other ecosystems is essential for sustainable living. Trees increase the level of oxygen and also reduce air and noise pollution. Green open spaces allow space for recreational activities. Also, helping residents to have a positive and peaceful mind and body. 46 Banyan Tree offers 3.5 acres of open space to let you enjoy all these benefits.
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Live sustainably at 46 Banyan Tree.  

Sustainable housing is the need of the hour. It makes life better today for you and your family and also ensures the world remains a healthy and peaceful place to live in. Buying an NA Villa Plot gives you all the freedom and flexibility to ensure that you have an eco-friendly house. It’s the best way to build a sustainable living for you, your family and future generations.