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Things to check before buying a Villa plot in Pune

As everyone says, “the best investment on earth is earth”. So, do you have a plan to buy a plot or Villa or a Villa Plot in Pune? Maybe not now, but if you plan to buy a Villa plot, this article will come in handy. Yes, in this article, you will get to know the foremost essential things that you should know before purchasing a Villa Plot in Pune

Buying a Villa plot has become a preferred investment, especially considering long-term returns. It might seem effortless, like exchanging money and home, but unfortunately, the reality is a bit harsh. Rampant corruption, multiple buyers, and forged documents are factors you must check before making the final decision. 

Here are a few must-check things before investing in a Villa Plot in Pune:

NA Villa plot
  • Documentation

Documentation is one of the most important things to check before purchasing a property like a Villa plot in Pune, no matter what it is. It is an essential component in the process of purchasing. Once you have finalised the Villa plot, you must review the following documents thoroughly to avoid conflicts later. 

– Title Deed

Every real estate property would have a title deed, evidence that a specific person owns the property. It is the most crucial document in the whole documentation process. It is used to borrow loans from banks as well. If you are contemplating purchasing a property, ask for the original deed and do not accept copies of the same unless your lawyer advises you otherwise. And once you receive it, get it checked by your solicitor for every tiny detail.

NA Villa plot

– Encumbrance Certificate

An encumbrance certificate is a piece of legal evidence that the property is entirely free from all encumbrances. This document is essential to establish that the plot of land has no legal disputes. 

– Release Certificate

If you are the first-hand owner, you don’t need any release certificate, but if you are buying from the resale market, there is a high chance that you may have to pledge the home to get a bank loan. When the loan is repaid, the bank authority issues a release certificate confirming that all the dues have been paid. So, make sure you receive this certificate before proceeding with the purchase.

  • Receipt of Tax

Do you want to get into tax troubles? The answer must be NO, correct? Then what you need to do is ask for the tax receipt for the past months and yes, remember one thing until you get that: never sign any document because it can cause you a substantial financial loss. 

  • FSI of the plot

FSI stands for Floor Space Index. It specifies how much construction can be done on land. This also depends on its location. For example, suppose you have bought a plot of size 3000 sq ft; if the FSI is 100%, it means your Villa plot is 3000 sq ft. If the FSI is 50%, your Villa plot is only a 1500 sq ft home on the 3000 sq ft land. So to cut a long story short, FSI is essential, especially when you are planning to buy a Villa Plot.

NA Villa plot
  • Approvals 

You must check on all the paperwork if you wish to own an undisputed Villa plot. Though paperwork may feel like a nightmare, it is a necessity. Hence, ensure that the authorities have approved everything and that all the paperwork is clear. 

  • NA orders

Unfortunately or fortunately, most of the land in India is ‘AGRICULTURAL LAND’. So, it’s either agricultural or non-agricultural land (commonly known as NA in the real estate industry). So you need to ensure that the plot you are looking to buy is an NA Villa plot in Pune Hinjewadi, and you have that order too. 

NA Villa plot
  • Transportation & Connectivity

Suppose you saw a Villa plot in Pune, and you made the decision to buy that, but have you checked on the transportation and connectivity? If not, do it right now. Because all the functional connectivity with metros, buses, and the other proposed transportation will make your living more accessible and enhance the resale value.


  • Physical verification

Buying a property is an important decision, as it requires a hefty amount of money, so never blindly believe the broker or salesperson. Always remember that ‘All that glitters is not gold. Therefore it is a sine-qua-non to go and visit the property and be sure that it meets all your requirements.

Final Call

All checklists have been done! 

Now you are all set to invest in your dream home. And if you are looking for the best Villa Plot in Pune within a gated community, you must consider 46 Banyan Tree and get a feeling of living in paradise.

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